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Do you feel the TPSA is not doing anything for you?
  • Please join the new TPSA Committee for an Industry wide meeting to discuss the way forward for the TPSA.
  • Non-Members most welcome we want as many people from the industry as possible at this meeting.
  • We have a few ideas and proposals we would like to present to you.
  • We want to hear your views and suggestions your input is essential!
  • We are LISTENING! So talk to us now

Monday, 17th February 2014
More details to follow in January

Please forward this on to anyone else in the industry.

Should you wish to add to the agenda or want anything specifically discussed please get into contact with one of the committee members listed below.

Barry Snow (Acting Chair) - kapok@worldonline.co.za
Duncan Riley - duncan@dwrdistribution.co.za
Lanthie Ransom lanthie@qa.co.za
Guillaume Ducray - gducray@avunlimited.co.za
Jameson Hlongwane jameson@colourblind.co.za
Marius Oosthuizen - musicjunkiesmj@gmail.com
Kagiso Moima - kg@blackmotion.co.za
Mike Jones - mike@mjeventgear.co.za
Paul Newman - paul@lucidity.co.za
Billy Domingo - billy@espafrika.com

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